The maps of our lives

(Scroll down for the Hungarian version - A magyar cikket lejjebb találod)

When I picture life, I like to think of it as a map. A map of wonders, a map of both magical and dangerous places. A map that’s both physical and spiritual. We’re not just lands, or points of interest - a location that some might find useful, or interesting. We hold complete universes inside us.

We are all born somewhere geographically. That’s the only thing on our fresh maps, from day one. The starting point, kilometre zero. In the beginning, we discover and learn about our immediate surroundings. And as we grow, so do our maps. Every new line we draw, means we’ve been there. Those lands have been explored. As we move on in life and start to understand ourselves more, we begin to become braver explorers. We plan our own adventures by adding lines to follow in the future. Our maps grow and grow with us.

At some point in life, we face crossroads. Which should we follow? Is there a risk? Yes. There is always a risk. I have been to many swampy and dark places, that slowed my journey. Years can go by, just feeling stuck. But you wait and then go on, in hope of reaching pleasant places again. Don’t forget, even if you feel stuck physically, you can always work on your spiritual map. My creativity and imagination soared, when I couldn’t move. Either from a country, an apartment, or from a job I didn’t like. I knew, it was temporary. I knew, I had to wait it out.

Something similar is happening to us all today. We are stuck. Borders have been closed and we have to accept that and deal with it. Thick, red pens have drawn circles around us and we don’t like that. This is a time to grow from the inside. To find something to do that holds meaning, something that speaks to us. To give purpose to days that seem to melt into each other. Even if we don’t know what day of the week it is anymore.

Imagine your map like a vast field. You are lying in the middle, you can’t really leave right now, but you have that huge sky above you. That’s the other half of the map. It’s where all your thoughts, plans and dreams go. That half, you can draw, colour, add details to. Your map can still grow. You can still grow.

I’ve reached a point in life, where my map has guide books attached to it. Guide books of places and the people I’ve met along the way. I can always flip these open and enjoy the memories they hold.

I’ve learned that home is not a place. It’s a feeling. A feeling you can take anywhere with you, once you have found it. I have been lucky enough to find it and it will always be with me. I know exactly how it feels. I can close my eyes and let myself feel the warmth, the safety and familiarity of it.

Maps are hungry. They feed on courage. No matter which road you take, you need courage to face the unknown. It also takes courage to unfold your map to someone else. To show them all the routes you’ve taken - good ones and bad. Places you can’t erase. All your footsteps from day one. From then on, they will know exactly where your field of happiness, or your forest of sorrow lies. From that day on, they will have the power to take you back to either of these places. This will happen for sure. The question is, will they take you there to understand you better, to make you happy, or to cause you more pain?

We all have our own maps, based on how far we’ve come in life. We cannot expect everyone to have come the same distance. Some people won’t and some people can’t. Some, have travelled just as far, but in the opposite direction. Others, simply need more time.

Keep on drawing, keep on exploring, keep on growing.

With love,


Életünk térképei

Ha elképzelem az életet, szeretek térképként gondolni rá. Egy térkép tele varázslattal és veszéllyel. Egy térkép fizikai és lelki oldallal. Nem csak földrészek vagyunk, vagy érdeklődési pontok - helyek, amik hasznosak vagy különlegesek lehetnek mások számára. Teljes univerzumokat rejtünk magunkban.

Mind egy adott földrajzi helyre születünk. Ez az egyetlen pont, ami a térképünkön adva van, az első naptól kezdve. Ez a kiindulópont, a nulladik kilométer. Eleinte felfedezzük a közvetlen környezetünket. Ahogy növünk, úgy nő velünk térképünk is. Minden új vonal, egy bizonyíték arra, hogy merre jártunk. Ezek a földrészek, már felfedezésre kerültek. Ahogy haladunk előre az életben és kezdjük magunkat jobban megismerni, egyre bátrabb felfedezőkké válunk. Kalandjainkat megtervezzük, és további vonalakat rajzolunk, amiket majd követni szeretnénk. A térkép velünk együtt növekszik.