Don’t forget to have fun

(Scroll down for the Hungarian version - A magyar cikket lejjebb találod)

It’s important not to forget how to have fun. It’s also important to know how to have fun on your own. So why not break some rules at home and forget your manners for a day?

Dress up, or dress down. Wear something fancy, or just stay in your comfiest, baggiest pants. Do half and half. Top fancy, bottom comfy. Whatever feels best. Here’s another idea: get naked. Completely. Ooooor wear your most seductive undies. Feeling sexy is kinda fun.

Look at your bathroom as a place of relaxation. Spend some quality time there. Take a bubble bath. Take a glass of wine with you too. Listen to your favourite music while you’re there. Blow the bubbles all over the place, then make a beard and crown from the white foam and FaceTime someone you want to share a smile with.

Bake something delicious and then eat it with your hands while it’s still warm. Soak it in milk or cocoa and take a bite big enough to let it dribble down your chin. If you’re wearing something white, aim to get as much of the chocolaty substance on your T-shirt as possible.

Try something new. A new craft, a new recipe. Listen to new music or read a new book. Assemble a puzzle or play with Lego. You're never too old for Lego.

Order plants. They will make your apartment look a lot cosier. If you already have some, give them names, check up on them and see how much they’ve grown.

Look at your home in a different way - it can also be a playground. It should be many things, but it should always have room for fun. Create a blanket fort, hang some fairy lights and take your laptop with you to rewatch cartoons from your childhood. Make yourself feel like a kid again.

You can always simply do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Switch off your phone, sleep as long as your body wants to, then wake up to daydream a bit, order your favourite pizza and after eating it, take a nap again. It’s OK to do nothing for a day. As a reward of course, not every day.

Feel free to mix and match the above, or do all of them in one day.

Aim to say: Today was good. Today was fun.

With love,


Ne felejts el szórakozni

Fontos hogy ne felejtsünk el szórakozni. Még akkor is, ha egyedül vagyunk. Miért ne rúgjunk fel néhány szabályt egy napra?

Öltözz ki, vagy maradj pizsamában. A kinyúlt, régi mackók is zseniálisak ilyen napokra. Vagy csináld felesben. Fölül elegáns, alul laza. Bármi, ami jólesik. Vagy: legyél pucér. Teljesen. Esetleg fölveheted a legvadítóbb fehérneműdet. Szexinek lenni jó móka tud lenni.

Nézd új szemekkel a fürdőszobádat. Tölts minőségi időt a kádban. Merülj el egy habfürdőben, vigyél magaddal egy pohár bort és hallgasd a kedvenc zenédet. A buborékokat fújd szanaszét, vagy készíts a habból szakállat és koronát és FaceTime-on nevettess meg egy barátot.

Süss valami istenit és edd meg puszta kézzel, még melegen. Áztasd tejbe vagy kakaóba és harapj belőle akkorát, hogy lecsurogjon az álladon. Ha valami fehéret viselsz éppen, menjen a csokis italból annyi a pólódra, amennyi jólesik.