10 things I’ve learned from illustrating my own book

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It took me a year. Because there’s a lot more to illustrating a book, than just drawing.

1. Writing The Story of Time was the easiest part. I wrote it in a few hours and never made adjustments to the story itself, only to sentence structures. It turned out to be short and sweet and emotional. A compact story that goes straight to your heart.

2. Designing an aesthetic colour scheme is worth the invested time. I love how all my pages look harmonious. I remember going back, to change the shades of blue and yellow for days.

3. The book is a product in itself, but I like to think of all the individual pages as products on their own too. I designed each illustration with that in mind.

4. Getting used to change is inevitable. Unless you want to drive yourself crazy. Never say, this is the final version, or, this page is ready now. Sleep on it. More than once. Go back to it and you will find things to adjust.

5. Have patience. Illustrating a book takes time. So much time. You have an estimate in your head? Multiply that by 2, at least.

6. Pick your tools and stick to them. Inconsistency in style and colours within a book, makes it look very unprofessional. If you want something simple, stick to simple. If you want something eclectic and unconventional, do that. But let that style shine through, on all your pages.

7. Show your work, to people whose opinions matter to you. Show it to people you trust. But in the end, after careful evaluation, listen to your heart and gut. At the end of the day, it’s your book. You wrote it, you illustrated it. Your opinions matter most. But sometimes, someone will say something so simple and clear, you’ll be surprised you didn’t think of it yourself. It’s important to listen and ask for opinions.

8. Don’t be afraid to start all over again. I had half my book illustrated, which meant months of work, but I woke up one day and decided to change the format of the book. I wanted portrait from that day on. Nothing could make me change my mind, it was a very strong urge. So I had to redraw everything. I added more details and it changed the style of the book completely.

9. Save, save, save. Save everything, everywhere. On the computer, off the computer, just save it on as many things as possible. Accidents happen and you don’t want months of work to disappear.

10. Have deadlines, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep them. Your deadline will act as a frame. An estimated date. I can assure you, you will fall behind. Especially, if it’s your first book and first illustrations. Enjoy the process, I’ve learned so much about myself while I was figuring all these things out.

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10 dolog amit a könyvem illusztrálásából tanultam

Egy egész évig tartott. Mert sokkal több van egy könyv illusztrálásában, mint csupán a rajzolás.

1. Az Idő Történetét megírni, a legkönnyebb része volt a folyamatnak. Néhány óra alatt elkészültem vele és soha nem változtattam a történeten, csak a mondatszerkezeteket módosítottam. Rövid, kedves és megható lett. Egy kompakt mese, ami azonnal a szívekbe lopja magát.

2. Egy esztétikus színséma megtervezése fontos lépés és megéri a befektetett időt. Szeretem, hogy a képeim harmóniát tükröznek. Emlékszem, hogy napokig módosítottam a kék és sárga árnyalatait, mire tetszett a végeredmény.