Why I love walking and where it all began

(Scroll down for the Hungarian version - A magyar cikket lejjebb találod)

I started walking a lot about two years ago. It all began when a colleague of mine got a Fitbit (pedometer) and I was fascinated with it, like I am with all tech related stuff. The next day, she was chatting away about the benefits of 10K steps a day.

A what?!

A DAAAY?! (insert huge bulging eyes here)

Of course, it was unacceptable for me to have her do all the Fitbit coolness without me. So I got one for myself too. We got up every hour from our desks and went on walks in the building. Taking the stairs and even getting off the tram sooner on the way home, for those last few thousand steps.

A lot has changed since then. I no longer work there, I moved to another apartment and I have become my very own boss. How cool is that? I might starve to death, but right now, I have no boss to boss me around and belittle me, over the age of 40, to prepare coffee for him. Seriously. Me. The queen of creativity. I could have helped his work in a million other ways. It always made me laugh inside. Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

The path we have to get back to now, is that I never stopped walking. Sometimes it’s a challenge, when the weather’s super shit or I’m working on something and have no interest in breaking the flow. But. It’s. Worth it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no influencer or ambassador of Fitbit gadgets. I just want to tell you all the fun things that happen to me when I walk. I said fun things that happen to me. So the boring, health related but also very important points, will not be covered here and now.

1. I see random acts of kindness on the streets, which makes me smile on bad days.

2. I see people in general, which is extremely important, especially now, when we are either locked inside, forced to do home office or other fun stuff that we did not sign up for. Not everyone has kids, or a spouse. I’m talking to you guys now: go out for walks, it will feel a lot less lonely.

3. Breathing feels easier, especially on stressful days.

4. Your mind goes into a different kind of thinking mode. You don’t have to ask yourself a question, eventually your mind figures out the answers to things that are bugging you most.

5. I adore buildings. It’s always fascinating to see how a pretty house has been constructed. You only have to look at my Instagram gallery to see just how much I love architecture.

6. I discover new streets, hidden places.

7. I never feel lost. The more I walk, the more I feel that this city is mine too.

8. Every season holds different treasures. Leaves to collect, puddles to step into (which I will never grow out of doing), snow to touch, flowers to smell, shade to enjoy when the sun gets too hot.

9. If it’s an extra long walk, I treat myself to a warm drink during winter months, or something I can eat while walking. Remember: walking doesn’t have to be torture. I do it for my body and my soul.

10. It feels sooo good to come home after a big walk. You’ll be happy to open the door and get all comfy again.