The Story of Time for Valentine’s Day? Or for any other day?

Absolutely! Because it’s not just for kids.

The Story of Time is a heartwarming read about how a little girl meets Mr Time and what lessons he teaches her on patience, love, joy, sorrow and the importance of moments in our lives. It’s a very relevant topic, especially in such uncertain times. It’s a band-aid for the soul and a different approach to understanding time. The magical part about my book is that adults will be able to enjoy it too. It will have a different meaning based on which period of life you choose to read it. It's a fascinating read for kids, with detailed illustrations and an emotional adventure for young adults, parents and grandparents alike. Order your copy, add a personal note for me to include and until 14th February, the gift wrap option will be be free of charge. Spread some love this year, with a book that makes a difference.

Here’s what my readers say about it:

“I already had tears in my eyes just by reading the back cover.”

“It’s beautiful and comforting.”

“A truly wonderful book. A picture fairy tale for children, but a guide for adults.”

“A fantastic summary of what time means and how we should approach it.”

“You have created a miracle.”

“The characters are so friendly and loveable.”

“Just like ‘The Little Prince’, this book is so wise, it needs to be on the bookshelf of every adult too.”

“My gosh, this is precious…”

“The whole book has a marvellous “Wes Anderson feel” to it. Creative, distinct, artful, funny, poetic, witty and clever.”

“It’s crystal clear that you have put your whole heart into this book.”

“This is the cutest little book I’ve ever read.”

“Such a beautiful book. Full of imagination and whimsical turns. We read it many times with the kids.”

“How can a little book be filled with so much insight and detail? The answer is simple. It was written by a wonderful mind and a kind heart. Your imagination is endless.”

“I cannot decide what I value more. The way you write or the way you illustrate your stories.”

“Melinda, your book is hard to forget. I hope you have many stories waiting to be told. Thank you for bringing this one to life.”

“It fills me with warmth and hope for the future. Thank you for giving me that feeling. I’ve missed it.”

“Dear Melinda, Your words are like honey. Golden and warm. It was a perfect read at Christmas. The older generation of my family wept tears of memories long lost. The book is comforting and gentle with details that stick.”

“A sublime mixture of nostalgia for the past and curiosity for the future. A must read for both children and adults.”

“The Story of Time reflects your enormous potential and infinite creativity. Congratulations on your work, I wish you success and joy for your future projects!”

“A praise of life, full of grace and tenderness.”