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It will never be perfect, so just make it work

Life, the reflection you see in the mirror, you. These things will never be perfect, but that’s what makes things interesting. Imagine a world full of perfect people and perfect lives. Everyone would be the same - just perfect. Perfect bodies, perfect personalities, kindness overload, unselfish to the bone, always happy, always smiling, always, always and forever.

Imperfections make us work harder. Imperfections help us make new rules in life. We grow through our imperfections. The sooner you accept not being the perfect parent, partner, workforce, artist, or anything else you are in your life right now, the better chance you will have at changing and growing.

Thriving for perfection takes away so much energy and there is no such thing. Everybody sees you as a different version of yourself. What might seem perfect for you, won’t fit for someone else’s meaning of perfect - and the other way around.

Making your own rules doesn’t mean you can’t break them. Please, do! You have broken so many of your rules for others, do the same for yourself too and see where it takes you.

Don’t just look at your reflection. Remember to look much deeper. On days, when you don’t like what you see, be sure to remind yourself of all the things that the mirror doesn’t show.

How do you make this whole thing work? Just let go of perfect. Be who you are. I feel so sorry for people hiding their real personalities and desires. They want to fit desperately into what they think is acceptable and perfect, it prevents them from living a life that would make them content. You never know who would love the person you are hiding. It’s all the good stuff mixed with the bad stuff that makes a person unique. There’s no such thing as only good stuff. If you see that, that’s the biggest red flag that’s ever going to signal the mountain of bad stuff hidden underneath.

Accept your bad qualities, embrace your imperfections and don’t hide them. The people you let close enough will figure this out pretty soon anyway. Stay honest and open. Be polite and curious. Do yourself a favour and look at your reflection, even on your worst days and say: it will never be perfect, but I’ll make it work. Today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life.

With love,



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