How my readers reacted to The Story of Time

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

(Scroll down for the Hungarian version - A magyar cikket lejjebb találod)

Writing a book is a huge responsibility. I find that even writing a blog feels similar. I wish to share my thoughts, but I also wish to motivate and give something that stays with my readers. A few words or thoughts that can grow into actions. I like to think, that some of the things I write about spark interest, bring tears or smiles.

The Story of Time is wonderful in this sense, because it fulfils all of these points. It brings different emotions to the surface, depending on the age of my readers and where they are currently in life. Where did they decide to stop for a little while, to read my book? Where were they on their individual paths? The beginning? Somewhere in the middle? Or towards the end? It’s difficult to say, because it all depends on how you see your life and we never know how or where the journey ends.

There was a mum, who wrote to me, after she listened to her children read the book. She said, they loved the illustrations, and had a favourite part of the story, but she cried in the end. Both times.

There was a grandmother, who also wept when reading it to her grandchildren. Warm tears of memories, sweet ones, as she remembered her whole life that was somehow tucked in between the pages I had written.

A man in his thirties, asked me where the second part of the book was. He was already looking forward to reading more about the characters.

A little girl loved a character so much, she decided to transform one of her dolls to make it look like her. She also took my handwritten letter and put it on the wall. That’s the kind of feedback every writer dreams of. That there is someone out there, who our words touch in a different way. In a deeper way. This book has given her motivation to aim higher in life, to reach for the sweetest fruit at the very top of the tree. It made her curious about the things waiting for her in the future and I find that magical.

The Story of Time will bring back memories and it will fill you with hope for the future. It will lift you up and take you on a journey to help you see, what the most important things in life are. It talks to you in a simple and caring way, just like a loved one would if they wanted to calm you. The Story of Time is a much awaited medicine for the soul.

With love,


Hogyan reagáltak az olvasóim Az Idő Történetére

Könyvet írni hatalmas felelősség. Blogot írni is hasonló érzéssel tölt el. Vágyom arra, hogy megoszthassam a gondolataimat, de motiválni is szeretnék és adni valamit, ami az olvasóimmal marad. Néhány szó, vagy gondolat, ami tetté növi ki magát. Szeretem azt hinni, hogy amiről írok, az érdeklődést, mosolyt, vagy könnyeket fakaszt.

Az Idő Története csodálatos ebből a szempontból, mert ezeknek a pontoknak mind megfelel. Különböző érzelmeket hoz felszínre, az olvasók korától függően, és attól, hogy hol tartanak éppen az életükben. Hol döntöttek úgy, hogy megállnak egy pillanatra és elolvassák a könyvemet? Hol tartottak éppen az egyéni útjaikon? Az elején? Valahol a közepén? Vagy talán a végén? Nehéz megmondani, mert ez mind annak a függvénye, hogy hogyan látod a saját életed és soha nem tudhatjuk, hogy az út hol és mikor ér véget.