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Dance with life

Let’s face it: life is pretty damn harsh right now. There are changes that we don’t want in our lives, but we still have to accept and find a way to weave them into every new day we are lucky enough to enjoy.

Some changes will last, others will disappear as new solutions arise, but every change will leave a mark. How we react to them can make a huge difference in our mood and motivation to go on and not to give up that easily.

Dance accepts everyone. You can practice and practice until even the most complicated steps feel natural. Dance is the joy of movement. Your whole body changes when you dance. You hear the music and your body responds.

This is how you should look at change. Life is the radio, change is the music you hear and if you don’t dance, the whole thing will eventually get irritating. You’ll hate it. The songs will be too loud and you’ll just want to mute that radio. So instead, find your style and dance to the tunes you are given.

Sure, you’ll have your favourite songs, but there will be days, when DJ Life will throw in a track you utterly despise. My advice? Just keep on dancing. You know why? A new song is going to follow. The best thing is, that you don’t even have to be good at dancing to be able to dance. In the privacy of your living room, nobody will care if you miss a step. If you slip, or lose your balance, just make it a part of your very own choreography.

The world is a dance floor. So show it what you’ve got. One day, you’ll wake up to the feeling that your heart is already dancing before your feet hit the floor. Not because life got easier, but because You got better at dancing with it. You’ll feel that there are now songs that you know the steps to so well, You can take the lead.

If you hate change, you hate life itself. There’s no way around it. So why not stretch out your arms and invite life for a dance. You’ll find there’s nothing to be afraid of, if you accept that on some days you’ll lead and on others you’ll simply follow. Just stay flexible and remember: if you are confident in taking those steps in every direction, even backwards (if life sets you back a bit), then you won’t fall, you’ll just keep on dancing.

With love,



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