Confessions of a Pluviophile

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

(Scroll down for the Hungarian version - A magyar cikket lejjebb találod)

1. I always look forward to autumn.

2. I have 3 pairs of Wellingtons waiting to be worn.

3. I adore how the rain makes everything shiny and elegantly dark outside.

4. The colours have a deeper saturation, it’s like Mother Nature decided to switch from pencils to oil paint.

5. I don’t complain when it rains for a week.

6. I like people who (just like me) smile when it’s raining.

7. The fresh, earthy smell of rain and wet leaves, comforts me.

8. I go to bed early if it means falling asleep to the sound of rain.

9. The only thing better than being outside on a rainy day, is being inside on a rainy day. I mean, what’s better than books, tea and cookies? I know, I know: being with the one you love. Endless talks, cuddles by candlelight and that sweet pitter-patter of raindrops setting the perfect atmosphere.

10. While everyone else is complaining, I am loving life in the rain! OK. I’m not making a song and dance about it, but I really do enjoy it.

11. The harder it rains, the more I like it. Throw in thunder and lightning and I’m practically over the Moon.

12. I am very resilient in tough times. I know a little rain is needed to help everything grow.

13. Streets are covered in puddles, which means endless opportunities for photos.

14. I admire the drama and romance that a dark, windy, and cloudy sky offers, when there’s a storm.

15. I prefer to wear dark colours. Lots of black and all the shades of grey.

16. I see beauty in sadness and heartache. And then I write about it.

17. I’m very aware of my own mortality and how fleeting life can be.

18. Let’s face it, if I can be happy, when most people are complaining about a simple thing like rain - that makes me a happier person than most people. I like that thought. Because we all know, it’s always easier to be happy in the sun.