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A mini wonderland in the heart of Vienna

The world of jewellery is an ever-changing one. There are modern lines, minimalistic brands, classical ones and then there’s Les Néréides. Even saying the name gives you a hint of magic. And it’s not just a little magic I’m talking about. Their collections are like tiny works of art - sculptures, or paintings that you can wear around your neck, wrists, fingers or in your ears. I had a wonderful time today, taking photos of these marvellous pieces.

It's almost too much for your eyes to take in, but the delicacy of each handmade item turns their pieces into a gorgeous selection of colours, paired with either silver or gold. The company was founded 40 years ago, and they have stayed with their initial designs of feminine intricacy ever since.

The main line focuses on floral and fruity elements, combining a fixed piece with a mobile one. This way, there’s always added movement in the details, that makes them come to life. I’m very impressed by the features of their collections and the craftsmanship behind them.

Les Néréides are Goddesses of Greek mythology. If you wish to feel like one of them, make sure to visit this store. Not only the products, but the service too will make you feel special. And let’s face it: we all deserve to feel a little special every now and then.

A lovely addition I found, was the Ballerina and Alice in Wonderland jewellery line. I haven’t seen many jewellery brands cater for a younger audience, in such high quality before. These treasures are exquisite. No matter if you are an adult with a young heart, or the child of one, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with these figures immediately.

This year has been challenging, but if you feel like escaping a little into an enchanted world, take a stroll to downtown Vienna and have a peek at what I’m so excited about.

You can find the stylish store nestled close to the Opera House in Tegetthoffstrasse 7/7, 1010 Vienna.

But be warned: you won’t leave soon, or empty handed.

There’s also another reason to be excited. I will be working together with Les Néréides next year. My book, The Story of Time will play a major role in this collaboration. I will be sure to keep you up to date on all the upcoming events. Until then, the Les Néréides team and I, wish you happy holidays.

With love,



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