Melinda Szente was born in Hungary, spent her childhood years in England and as an adult moved to Austria. She always had a very creative mind. Words, books and languages continuously fascinate her. She considers both English and Hungarian to be her mother tongues, as she grew up bilingual. She spent most of her professional years teaching Business English and working as a Photographer. The idea for her first children's book came to her 2 years ago and after careful consideration, she decided to illustrate the book herself.

As in photography, she enjoys working with different techniques in illustrations too, sometimes even by combining them. She decided to showcase her journey and work here at www.melindaszentewrites.com, to share her illustrations and random writings that include poems and blog entries.

She finds great joy in writing books that appeal to a wider audience. Her first book, The Story of Time, was written both for children and adults. 

Melinda is currently living and working in Vienna, Austria.